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foundry business supplying castings to the Company and to the trade.
   Dorman Diesels Limited work in close co-operation with Ruston Paxman Limited, also a member of English Electric Diesels Limited. Together the two companies offer a comprehensive range of diesel engines at competitive prices and are building up a spares and after-sales service which it is intended will be second to none.
  For one hundred years Stafford has been the home of Dorman, who, from humble beginnings in a small workshop, in Foregate Street, are now looked upon as one of the leading manufacturers of the town, and their proud name is to be found on engines all over the world.
   Our story deals with some of the many interesting aspects of the company's activities over the last ten decades and will, no doubt, bring back happy memories, or moments of nostalgia, to many old "Dormanites" and their relatives and we trust they will find the story interesting.
   Dorman Diesels Limited, Stafford is a Management Company of English Electric Diesels Limited, a member of G.E.C.- English Electric Companies Limited.

  Dorman Diesels Limited of Stafford is the hub of a formidable diesel engine manufacturing empire. At home it incorporates the activities of W. H. Dorman and Company Limited, the high speed engine business of Ruston and Hornsby Limited, the Kelvin Marine Division at Glasgow, and the Ruston Hydraulic Motor business. Overseas there are manufacturing activities in Ruston and Hornsby (India) Limited and a new factory just going into production in Iran. Diesel generating sets are built in Australia and Canada and negotiations are well advanced for an assembly plant in South Africa. In addition, preliminary negotiations are in hand for two more assembly plants in the Far East.
   Present trading figures show an annual turnover in the region of £20 million and there is a planned expansion programme to increase this considerably over the next five years.
  The Dorman foundry at Stafford has a renowned reputation for producing high quality castings and has supplied many to other engine manufacturers for many years whilst still meeting the demands of the Company. This activity has been combined with that of the much larger foundry at Lincoln to form the Dorman Foundries Division and this is being run as a


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