Gun Parts

  And so peace came and the twenties began with Dorman's still retaining its wartime labour force of 2000 workers; and, taking up its 1914 re-organisation at a point where it had been forced to mark time, the company was perhaps to produce a wider variety of equipment than at any time before or since.

   There were the various commercial applications, it was hoped might be found for Constantinesco's "wave transmission", these included pumping, pile driving, drilling and rivetting equipment; indeed the Haddon Rock Drill which Dorman produced up to some years after the war, was certainly not without success in finding markets. Naturally the manufacture of the Constantinesco gears continued at a steady pace for the Royal Air Force, and these were ultimately to receive their last taste of action fitted to the three Gloster Gladiators "Faith", "Hope" and "Charity" which defended the island of Malta G.C. at the beginning of the Second World War

Haddon Rock Drill

Demonstration of Haddon Rock Drill. Note the application of Flextel joints.



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Constantinesco synchronising gear ready for assembly at Tixall Road Works.

The late Mr. W. Haddon, Chairman of the Company from 1912-1934.

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