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  Well before the end of the decade, in fact, they were to travel all over the world; in 1927 for example a bare Karrier chassis with a Dorman engine was exported to Australia for sale by Karriers Sydney agents, who sold it, in January 1928, to a family of Chinese general dealers. A correspondent describes how the diminutive Chinese, by the size of the vehicle, walked round it in some awe before making an on the spot purchase, loading the chassis high with groceries and ironmongery and driving it 200 miles home where they fitted a large cabin and a  19 ft.

long body. In the course of its future career it was to fall off a ferry into 30 feet of water, stay there for some three weeks before its recovery and renovation, be put back into service, taken off the road again in 1940, due to war time fuel rationing, and put into a large shed where it remained for 26 years meanwhile achieving considerable veneration as a family relic amongst its Chinese owners. With the passage of time however sentiment faded and at last money changed hands when the Karrier (now rechristened the Big K) was retrieved  by an Australian vintage lorry  

Dorman Karrier

Karrier lorry used by Dorman in the late 1920s.



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  Almost two generations later Dorman still find it the best policy to rely on their own engines in somebody else's chassis, when in 1967, a company lorry was fitted for test purposes with a Dorman 6DA air-cooled engine, it was found that the vehicle now ran significantly better than it had in 25,000 miles completed with the original engine — at the end of January 1970 the new engine had completed 80,000 miles in the Company's service and was still running as sweetly as ever.

enthusiast.  After some five days nursing over the 200 miles back to Sydney the 'Big K' received a thorough overhaul and a new coat of paint to restore it to the condition illustrated.

  It is worth while recording that Dorman had their own carrier vehicles, needless to say with their own Dorman engines. One of them is shown here parked opposite Foregate Street Works on a Spring day in 1928.

Dorman-engined Karrier operating in Australia in the late 1920s.

Dorman-engined Karrier as it appears today - 40 odd years after manufacture.

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