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Today Dorman engines play a prominent part in the race as a high percentage of the local trawlers are powered by Dorman units, and for the last three years a Dorman engined trawler - The Angele Emiel has won the George Jackson Cup for the fastest boat. This vessel in a 'pair trawl' with the Angele Erika, also Dorman engined, recently recorded a record catch of over twenty tons of mackerel and pilchards, in an operation lasting 40 minutes. Both skippers had nothing but praise for Dorman. From 1963 onwards Dorman were to concentrate on the marine industry, at home, as ironically foreign markets were better developed.

In 1964 the company launched its new air cooled 'DA' range of engines on to the market, besides the existing 'Q' and 'L' ranges. These are the three ranges of Dorman diesel engines whose production still continues, at Tixall Road works to this very day. The company had been perhaps the first British manufacturers to take the commercial possibilities of this type of engine seriously as far back as 1939, when the 6-11 b.h.p. single cylinder DWA engine had been introduced, and was praised by "Gas and Oil Power" as a well thought, robust little unit . . . capable of standing up to hard work. This judgment, made in December of that year, was to prove aptly

Hymac 6DA



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operate on several types of gas. Since the advent of the 6QG, three more types have become available as gas fuelled engines and the 6LDG, 6DAG and 8DAG have already enjoyed considerable advanced sales to the rich natural gas oil fields of North America, Middle East and Australia. Meanwhile the first 6QG engine to be sold had already brought mains electricity to the Iranian village of Guyum for the first time in its history in late 1968. Guyum is also supplied with water by a Dorman engined pump, one of many helping small communities in their struggle for existance in the more arid regions of the Middle East.

fitting for the 200 engines produced; unfortunately wartime manpower problems forced the abandonment of this promising line. Later in the war however, a quantity of air-cooled variants of the water-cooled 'DL' range were sold to Holman's for installation in their compressors, and at least one of these early experiments is still running in the Holman factory in Cornwall. By the way of illustration we are able to compare two types of plant, powered by Dorman air-cooled engines, 20 years apart from each other. The first of a series of the variants of the established engine range, the 6Q appeared in 1968 as the 6QG, this is basically the 6Q engine modified to

Hymac 580 excavator fitted with 6DA air-cooled diesel engine.

Record catch by Brixham trawlers “Angele-Emiel” and “Angele-Erika”  -  both powered by Dorman engines (photograph by kind permission of Western Morning News Company Limited).

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