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    Dorman had at this point to pay a price which was more sentimental rather than in any way material; the company name of W. H. Dorman and Company Limited now disappeared after attaining the ripe old age of 98. However it experienced an immediate rebirth with the coming into being of the parent company's Dorman Sub-Group, and later as the Dorman Engine Division, none of this figurative steaming off of old labels and sticking on new ones affected it in the slightest. In January, 1970 the namerose to its former prominence as Dorman Diesels Limited and became a  management company of

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Mr. L. Johnson



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prominence once again and holds great promise for the future.
    It is a fitting climax to our story that Dorman are able to claim, after one hundred years trading, they are still in a healthy position with a bulging order book and have every confidence in expanding their overseas trade, so much so, that Centenary year will herald the opening of a new factory, in Iran, 3,000 miles away. When fully operational the factory will be under the supervision of Iranian personnel who received their training at Tixall Road works in Stafford and will be geared to the production of 'L' range of diesel engines. Ironically Dorman have now re-occupied part of the Foregate Street premises, vacated in 1939, in order to create more space at the Tixall Road works, which today is bursting at the seams.
    Dorman can look with nothing but pride on their achievements over the last century, as, from the time when they first started production of cutting knives, through two world wars and periods of depression they now emerge internationally famous for the manufacture of some of the finest diesel engines.

English Electric Diesels Limited, under the guidance of Mr. L. Johnson as Managing Director. In the meantime as a result of the merger with the Ruston Group, Dorman now had under their wing the sale and production of Kelvin marine engines, the smaller Ruston diesels, and more recently of Ruston Hydraulic Motors. Thus 100 years after William Dorman conceived his healthy infant, it has itself grown to flourishing maturity and adopted equally healthy children, domiciled in Glasgow, the home of Kelvin, and in Lincoln, where Ruston's have been established since 1857.
    One of the beneficial effects of the new grouping was to increase the power range of engines which Dorman could now offer to their customers; the Ruston YWA series now filled a gap between 6 and 20 b.h.p. In addition the company now enjoys strong though informal links with Ruston-Bucyrus, who as previously explained have long flourished as a purely independent concern outside the main Ruston Group. The association of the Dorman and Ruston names which was significant for both companies in the "twenties" and "thirties" has thus come to

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Mr. L. Johnson, Managing Director Dorman Diesels Limited, Stafford.

Pumping set in Iran fitted with Dorman 6LB diesel engine.

An overhead supply line is erected in Iran to carry power generated by a Dorman gas engine, one of the first to be produced.