2014 marked the 30th Anniversary of the launch at the NEC Metropole Hotel of the 6SE engine. It also marked the 20th Annivesary since Dorman was taken over by Perkins, and the awarding of the Queen’s Award for the Environment.  

The 2013 Reunion event saw several ‘new faces’, including Pete Howe (best remembered for the availability of Car Spares).


A recent discovery on the ‘net has been the rescue of “Caprella” and the transport of this vessel to Scotland. It is the last surviving 60ft Patrol boat, and was converted to a private motor-yacht by Sir Harry Ricardo. Two Dorman 8VRM engines are to be refitted for motive power.

Another find has been more images of the Brixham Trawler Race from back in the late 1960s. The boats fitted with Dorman engines (6Q Marine) proved faster than the rest, and trophies were won by “Our Lady Lou”, “Angele Erika” and “Angele Emiel”. Sadly, it is doubtful if any of them survived into the new century. The Trawler Race however, is still an annual event.

North America;

We now have details of an event in USA with 2 ex-Dorman employees. This happened in 2010. The attachments contain much information re the company employees in the years preceding the English Electric take-over. A hard copy was available at the gathering which included wedding photographs featuring several WHD staff.

Great War Commemoration;

There has been no further progress on the Roll of Honour for the Great War which is in store by the County Council.

The special event at the Apedale Railway is booked for September, and a leaflet was on display. There will be a handful of surviving JO powered locomotives in operation at this event.

There is to be much coverage of the Great War on the BBC web-site. Already feaured is the work of William Tritton, and Companies at Lincoln, on producing the first Tanks. Equally as important was the mass production of JO series Petrol engines from 1916, undertaken at the Foregate Street Factory.

Dorman Departures;

Sonny’s list of those who had passed away since the 2012 event included the following;

Ron Broster,  Roger Insull,  Malcolm Sharratt,  Bob Young,  Eileen Millington and  George Burt.  These were followed by Bill Kedzierski and T D A Civil.

Allen Civil had come to Tixall Road, along with several others, when Bagnall Castle Works gave up Locomotive production. Based in Industrial Engineering, Allan became a leading “preservationist”, and expert on Bagnall’s of Stafford.

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