15th May was the 20th (!) Annual Reunion for ex-Dorman Employees.

Dorman Diesels

The name, which had been acquired by 'Lincoln Diesels' is now part of the Simplex-Turbulo Diesel & Marine Group of Companies.

Their web-site shows one of a batch of three 8Q engines being refurbished for use in a new lease of life. There are also some 6DAN's recently turned out in a paint scheme similar to 'Sea King Blue'.

Last year saw the Company Logo (once again) on display at an exhibition held in the Far East.

Our web-site has now been joined by a reference in `Wikipedia'.


A recent discovery on the 'net had been the auction of a rare surviving car made by Varley-Woods in Wolverhampton. It has since moved from Shropshire to Scotland where it is hoped it will be brought back to life. We have also located the rare 'Stafford' Car which is now living in Holland.

The Autocrat and the Ruston & Hornsby Car were brought together for the Dorman Centenary in 1970 which was held at the Tixall Road site (pictures of the two cars appear in the 1970-1979 pages). As the Centenary of the Ruston Car is in 2020, it is hoped to re-unite these 2 cars again, with maybe a 3rd from the above.

Information has come to light re the events of 1970. However, I'm still trying to locate a list of the exhibits on display . The story of the 2 Cars is growing and the results are here tonight.

Great War Commemoration

Last year, there were events to mark the Centenary of the Great War. On the day before (3rd August) there was a Classic Car event held at Stafford Castle. This saw the appearance of the Autocrat Car, which attracted much attention. It has a temporary home at Perkins in Peterborough, and was ferried over by Edward Hinde and a colleague. The commentary was by David Bradbury, and the day saw many ex Dorman employees showing interest. Roy Astley was able to shed more light on the restoration project.

The highlight of the day was a photo-shoot at the Foregate St Factory, where the Autocrat was welcomed by Paul Reynolds. This was a 'first' for the Association, with a petrol engine returning to its place of manufacture.

The 'Tracks to Trenches' event held at the Apedale Railway was a great success, giving visitors the chance to see 2J0 and 4J0 engines working in Simplex locos, in a total recreation of the Great War NG railway system. For those who missed out on this event, held mid-September, there will be a similar event being held next year at the Leighton Buzzard Railway.

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