Great War Commemoration (2)

  The Great War Roll of Honour for W H Dorman was finally put on display at the Shire Hall Gallery. Having been restored by a team through Mr. Copp at SCC Shugborough, it attracted much favourable comment from visitors. On Sept 30th last, we held a 'Dorman Day to Remember' at the Gallery. We were able to re-unite Terry Lancaster with two other descendants of three WHD employees who had died in the War. The event was also attended by two sisters who were great-granddaughters of Mr William Dorman. As children, they had grown up at 'Upmeads' Newport Road, their parents being Mr & Mrs Lingwood.     

Dorman departures (1)

The Association was notified of two funerals. Firstly Leon Walker passed away in mid-December. Leon was best remembered for his negotiations with the Iran factory for L engine parts. These resulted in multi-million pound contracts which effectively secured the future of Tixall Road 35 yrs ago. January saw the passing of Eric Cartledge, who had been Chief Estimator.

Finally a vote of thanks to Sonny Zan and Joan Riley for making the arrangements for this evening's event. We also would like to wish Sonny a long and happy retirement, now that he has finally 'called it a day'

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