20th May is the 21st (!)   Annual Reunion for  ex-Dorman Employees.

                  Sadly, it is to be the last one, for the time being.

Dorman Association

The Web-site, now in the 4th Year of its ‘on-line’ existence, is still used as a network for enquiries, and updates on surviving engines.

In addition, there is also a monthly ‘gather’ in Stafford to catch up on all the gossip. Location is the Redhill Pub, and is on the first Friday of every month. Recent visitors have been Ray Brown,  Dennis Wheatcroft and Graham Collier among others.


Thoughts are turning to the ’Dorman 150’ event, which we hope to feature at Amerton Railway. The Diesel gala has been a success in the last couple of years, and 2020 could feature more of Dorman engines. There are various engines being ear-marked, but any odd models could be included.

The highlight will be the reunion of the two Dorman Cars which featured in 1970.

Not yet been able to trace a suitable wagon to participate. Does anyone have  a spare 8F engine still in a wagon ?  If there are any other ideas for

Exhibits in a 2020 event, please contact PJ. A list of possible participants is attached.

One engine not being represented is an 8VRM, currently powering a 65 ft

‘Pinnace’ , a Wartime Naval Craft currently on the market.

Great War Commemoration (1)

A second ‘Tracks to Trenches’ event was held at the Apedale Railway last week-end, and has become a remarkable show-case for Dorman engines and the Narrow Gauge Railway system of 100 years ago.

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