Great War Commemoration (2)

As this year marks the Centenary of this Dorman powered system, there will be a presentation given for the Stafford Railway Society. The date is Monday 7th November, at the Amasal Club (Marston Road) starting at 7.30 pm. The evening will cover the Story of W H Dorman, from 1900 to


The Great War Roll of Honour for W H Dorman will not be on display

this year. In the future, Shugborough Hall will be in the hands of the National Trust, which raises many concerns with all of the Staffordshire Collection.

If there is any interest, there could be a private viewing, through Mr Copp, who is still there for the time being.

Finally, the NG Railway at Leighton Buzzard will be holding a special event to mark the launch of what should be the definitive history of

Simplex locos and tractors. The date is the Bank Holiday weekend at the end of May. There is hoped to feature a record for the most locos on one train. Check their web-site for more details.


To Eric & Mrs Jones, both former Dorman employees, who recently celebrated their Diamond Wedding Anniversary.

Also to David Bradbury, who marked his 50th Commentary for the Shropshire County Traction Engine Rally. The interview in ‘Old Glory’ magazine is here tonight.

County showground

Just a reminder that the Antiques Fair is being held tomorrow and Sunday

at the above venue. No 1 Promotions is the ‘brainchild’ of Michael Justice, ex-Dorman Sales Dept

Finally a vote of thanks to Sonny Zan and Joan Riley for making the arrangements for this evening’s event. We also would like to wish Sonny a long and happy retirement, now that he has finally ‘called it a day’

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