Additional Information

   There is more information on the Dorman Company, and its engines, in the following books;

“Bagnalls of Stafford” by Alan Baker and T.T.A.Civil,  ISBN 0-9544546-2-6

“A Guide to Simplex NG Locomotives by D.Hall and John Rowlands,  ISBN 0-9540878-0-2-8

The monthly magazine “English Electric and its People” was published from 1962 1968 inclusive.  Most issues included articles about Dorman engines and their users.  There was also a monthly update on Staff news.  Bound volumes are available at William Salt Library, appropriate as the WSL in Eastgate Street, Stafford, wasd a former residence of William Dorman.

The web-site “Staffordshire Past-track” has several Dorman-related photos, including images of the 1949-built foundry.
The web-site for the “Anson Engine Museum” has links to the histories of other engine manufacturers, including Vulcan, Bamford, Meadows and Ruston & Hornsby. Other GEC Diesel Companies have information on web-sites for Kelvin and Paxman.

In 2010, it was still possible to see the 1913-built Dorman factory in Foregate Street, Stafford, then owned by the Paul Reynolds Organisation.  Also surviving were two of W.H.Dorman’s family homes.  In addition to the WSL, mentioned above, the “Green Hall” in Lichfield Road, Stafford later became the offices of Staffordshire County Council Architects Department.

County Officers Club, opposite the William Salt Library, was the family home of John E. Dorman and the Dental practice of Mrs. Dorman.

The Meeting House of the Plymouth Brethren, where William Dorman carried on the work of his father, was still situated at the end of St.Mary’s Passage.

At Lincoln, the Dorman buildings, CSD, Beevor Foundry, etc. were demolished and replaced by a DIY store.

At present there is no listing of Dorman engines which can be seen working in Preservation.  However there are many engines surviving at the various preserved railways in the UK.  The list shows several of the Standard Gauge Locos.
There are numerous Narrow Gauge locos surviving, with important collections at Apedale and Leighton Buzzard.  Following an interest in World War 1 narrow gauge railways, Dorman petrol-engined locos have appeared on lines in both UK and France.

The Museum of Lincolnshire Life has several Dorman engines powering Ruston Excavators and an early WW1 tractor.

From the start of 2011, Spares for Dorman engines are available from Dorman Diesels Ltd., a subsidiary of Lincoln Diesels, Great Northern Terrace, Lincoln.   



1929     Kerr Stuart       ??       ??     Rom River   Foxfield Railway

1930     Howard            ??       965    Hotto       Ribble Rly Centre

1936     Howard           4JUD      957    Britannia   Bluebell Railway

1955     Hibberd          3DL      3765    Tarmac      Quainton Road

1962     Hibberd          6LC      3953    Alpha       Oswestry

1962     EECo Traction    6QA      8368    Horsa       County School

1963     EECo Traction    6KUDT    8431    Buttercup   Battlefield Line

1966     EECo Traction    6Q       D1220               Midsomer Norton

1967     EECo Traction    8QT      D1228   RFS 10      Barrow Hill

1968     EECo Traction    8QT      D1226   Llanwern    Pontypool & Blaenavon

1968     EECo Traction    8QT      D1249   106         Pontypool & Blaenavon


a) Horsa was one of a pair, the other being Hengist. A late Bagnall design, it later became famous in a James  Bond
   film shot at the Nene Valley Railway.     

b) Buttercup was an early nick-name.

c)  One omission is the Simplex which appeared at the Tixall Road Centenary event.  Later restored as L & Y No.1 at  Chasewater.
    Following its theft, present status is unknown.

d) Rom River rebuilt at WGB in 1959 with 6 cylinder Dorman. Also at Foxfield is Simplex loco  “Helen”.


         CUSTOMER                      LOCATION                ENGINE TYPES
         Atlanta Motors Ltd            Staines                 YWA,DA
         Auto Diesels Ltd              Uxbridge                L,Q
         Baylis Tuck                   Crawley                 DA,L,Q
         By-Fab Ltd                    Kettering               YWA,DA,L,Q
         Dale Electric                 Filey                   DA,L,Q
         Dawson Keith                  Sutton, Surrey          DA,L,Q
         Elequip Ltd                   Wigston, Leics.         YWA,DA,L,Q
         Engine Applications Ltd       Banbury                 L,Q
         Fyfe Wilson & Co              Bishops Stortford       L
         Houchin Ltd                   Ashford                 DA
         Morrison/MIE Power Ltd        Loughborough            DA,L,Q
         Dupar/Pelapone Ltd            Derby                   DA,L,Q
         B Perry Ltd                   Aldridge                YWA,DA,L,Q
         Petbow Ltd                    Sandwich, Kent          L,Q
         Petters Ltd                   Hamble                  L,Q
         Power Unit (Hindle) Ltd       Bradford                YWA
         Puttick Ltd                   Ash, Kent               L,Q
         Stone-Platt (Crawley) Ltd     Crawley                 L,Q
         Transunits Ltd                Ash Vale, Surrey        YWA,DA,L,Q
         Typower Ltd                   Lancing                 DA,L,Q
         Thos W Ward                   Sheffield               DA,L,Q
         Workman Reed & Co Ltd         Weston-super-Mare       L,Q